We pioneered the :15 ticker spot
WisdomTree, one of the fastest-growing ETF providers in the world, brought us the challenge of breaking through the noise on channels known for their loud statistics flying across the screen. While financial commercials are usually known for being stiff, safe and not visually engaging, our revolutionary WT spots use bold graphics, colors and music to make sure the viewer knows exactly what fund we are promoting and why. Other companies still try to emulate our animated spots but without much success. When a ticker spot is created, WisdomTree in-flows follow. 
AD Campaign
Video & Animation
Working together longer than we would like to admit
Having long relationships with your clients is for sure #clientgoals but in this case, we have been working with WisdomTree for so long that we are worried it makes us look old… That being said, working with one of the fastest-growing ETF providers in the world while they continue to diversify their product offerings year over year keeps us on our toes. M&K has been with them for the ride, helping them break through the industry noise from the beginning when we worked mainly in the analog space to now where social media campaigns help move the needle as much as our TV spots that helped revolutionize the ETF industry. We are proud to have developed this modern and flexible brand that is well-known and often emulated (without much success) by its peers.