CI Assante Wealth Management
A good relationship with your advisor is paramount for wealth management. 
The Challenge:
When CI Assante Wealth Management asked M&K to develop their brand awareness campaign they had 2 objectives; start to create in-flows of client leads and give the brand a much-needed modern refresh.
Assante has been consistently nominated as one of the best independent wealth management firms in Canada, also ranking at the very top in customer satisfaction. While potential clients might know who they are and what we do, it wasn't enough to get them through the door. ​​​​​​​
The high rankings that Assante was winning, year over year, lead us to an insight that if a client moves to Assante they are not inclined to leave. When we did some more digging we discovered that most affluent Canadians traditionally work with financial advisors at large banks, not at wealth management firms. 
The challenge then became, how do we show potential clients that more personal solutions and closer advisor/client relationships lead to better long-term financial planning and in turn, more substantial wealth?
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The Approach:
We started by focusing on some specific target clients; entrepreneurs, those who might be 2nd and 3rd generation family wealth investors, and those with newer financial gains, all the while keeping a focus on women in all of these categories (including in this group widowers and divorced women as well). We know these groups vary but they do have one thing in common, they all need unique personalized solutions to help them achieve financial success. 

The Execution:
​​​​​​​Our approach was to tell unique, compelling, and personal stories through the lens of actual Assante advisors. These relatable stories helped enlighten affluent Canadians as to why a strong relationship with their advisor is so important. It can mean the difference between realizing your goals or not. We were able to strategically convey Assante's strengths (long-lasting relationships, comprehensive and personal advice & solutions tailored to each client's unique needs- not a cookie-cutter approach) in one simple line, “At Assante, All Success Is Personal.”